APENG (A Programming Environment Group) is a leading provider of systems integration and applications development to premier telecommunications companies. Over the decade APENG has provided full life-cycle services for operational applications and commercial telecommunication products.

APENG's personnel has expertise in VoIP Networking, Wireless Networking, Optical  Networking, Networking Management, RF Design and Optimization, Network Integration and Planning, etc. APENG’s project experience crosses technologies and platforms, which ensures deliverables with superior quality and consistency.

Placing great people in the right positions is the key to achieving outstanding business and career development results. APENG has successfully recruited highly experienced telecommunication engineers worldwide. As a result, APENG's Professionals represent a valuable and key resource for companies engaged in major telecommunications and next generation network developments.

As a member of Minority and Women Owned Business, APENG is committed to providing cost-effective, information-technology solutions to the complete satisfaction of its customers.
Our expertise and national/international access to human capital resources enable us providing our clients with seamless delivery of timely, high quality services.

For more information, please contact us at 973-691-3328, or send email to info@apeng.com

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